Rupes Rotary Coarse Abrasive Gel Compound (1 L)

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Rupes Rotary Coarse Abrasive Gel Compound (1 L)

Formulated specifically for the unique demands of a rotary polisher movement and tested to provide peak performance with the corresponding rotary foam pads and rotary wool pads of the BigFoot Rotary System.


  • It is paint shop safe and suitable for any car paint, refinish or OEM. 
  • It is the ideal product to obtain the correct mix of fast cutting and a good finish. 
  • The Rupes Rotary Coarse Gel is a high-performance compound recommended for first-step polishing. 
  • Its grain is the most “aggressive” of the BigFoot abrasives and is used for the rapid removal of marks and scratches. 
  • At the same time, the Rupes Rotary Coarse Gel Compound is highly effective in restoring paints and creating a high degree of gloss.

Size: 1 L

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