Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Compound (1 L)

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Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Compound (1 L)

Rupes BigFoot Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Compound produces a stunning appearance on almost all finishes and colours. Engineered to be used with the large-orbital movement of BigFoot random orbital polishers, Keramik polishes away fine paint imperfections and creates a smooth surface that reflects maximum light. Kermaik Fine Polishing Compound works well on all paint types including fresh, refinish, factory, high-solid, and sticky finishes.


  • Easy to use.
  • Restores that deep glossy finish.
  • Removes minor imperfections, marring, swirls, haze and more.
  • VOC-compliant, body-shop safe and suitable for use on marine/RV gel coats.  


  • Rupes BigFoot Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Compound should be used in conjunction with free-spinning dual-action polishers. 
  • Only 3-4 pea-sized drops of product are required per 18 x 18 area and these should be worked in thoroughly at 4000-5000 orbits per minute (speed 4-5 on most dual action polishers) until only a hint of residue remains. 
  • This residue should then be buffed off carefully using a PB Super Buffing Towel.


  • For best results, it should be applied to freshly decontaminated paint using either a Rupes BigFoot Fine Foam Polishing Pad, a Rupes BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad or a Rupes BigFoot Medium Wool Polishing Pad.

Size: 1 L

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