Turtle Wax Zip Car Wash & Wax Shampoo (1 L)

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Turtle Wax Zip Car Wash & Wax Shampoo (1 L)

The world's most mainstream vehicle wash and wax! Zip Wax Car Wash and Wax one of a kind effective recipe profound cleans, sparkles and secures in only one simple advance. Its rich, extravagant froth tenderly buoys away soil, oils and street grime leaving your vehicle shimmering clean. Improved with defensive Carnauba waxes, Zip Wax Car Wash and Wax gives a water-repellent completion and streak-free sparkle after each application, securing outside surfaces between the washes. For extreme comfort and worth, Zip Wash and Wax is too focused, so you just need a cap for an incredible completion.


  • Infused with carnauba car wax for instant shine and protection.
  • Rinses off spot-free for a flawless finish.
  • Cleans and shines in seconds!


  • Rinse any loose dirt and soil off the surface of your car with a stream of water, starting with the roof and working your way down.
  • Add 30 to 60 ml of Zip Wax to a bucket and fill with a powerful stream of water to produce a thick, fluffy foam.
  • Dip a microfiber wash mitt into the foam and start washing your vehicle from top to bottom, first removing dirt and soil from the roof, hood and trunk, followed by the sides and ending with the lower panels.
  • Rinse your car thoroughly.
  • Towel dry to reveal a clean, glossy finish.

Size: 1 L

Part No: 52820

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