Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Clean & Shine Total Exterior Detailer (26 oz)

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Turtle Wax Quick & Easy Clean & Shine Total Exterior Detailer (26 oz)

This car detailing spray is a great way to keep your car looking great between washes and waxes. Just spray and wipe to remove light dust, dirt and water spots from every exterior surface of your car, even glass, with zero streaks. The patented blend of polymers and detergents surrounds and lifts dirt from your car into a microfiber cloth without using an ounce of water. Even better, added shine agents leave behind a glossy sheen for a simple touchup to your last car wax job.


  • Quick and easy waterless wash for when you’re in a pinch!
  • The only detailer that cleans paint, glass, metal & more with no streaking.
  • Dirt-locking polymer safely lifts dirt from your car finish to prevent scratching.
  • The shine-boosting formula brings sheen to your clean.


  • Evaluate your car. If it has heavy soiling or caked-on mud, forego the detailer and proceed with a normal car wash. If it has only light dust, dirt and water spots, proceed with this waterless car wash.
  • Holding the Clean and Shine bottle 6 inches from the car's surface, spray a 2’ x 2’ section, liberally saturating the area.
  • Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, folded and quartered, simply wipe away the product.
  • Flip the cloth to a clean, dry side and buff away any residue, leaving behind a clean, shiny, protected surface.
  • Continue cleaning the car in 2’ x 2’ sections, including all paint, glass and trim surfaces, switching to a clean, dry microfiber cloth as the one you’re using becomes soiled.

Size: 26 oz

Part No: 50576 

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