Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Correction & Finishing Compound

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 & Done Correction & Finishing Compound (16 oz)

It’s the ultimate, go-to solution for pros and skilled auto enthusiasts looking to upgrade their detailing arsenal!


  • Professional polishing compound performs a heavy-duty cut or an ultra-fine polish, depending on which pad you use.
  • A proprietary blend of high-quality precision platelet abrasives removes up to 1000 grit paint imperfections for heavy-duty surface restoration.
  • Body shop safe formula produces zero dust, has extended working time, no sling, and an easy wipe-off.


  • Wash and dry your car.
  • Apply four dime-sized drops of product to a stiff cutting pad.
  • Rub product into the finish, one 2’ x 2’ area at a time, using back-and-forth, crosshatching motions until all scratches, swirls, paint transfer and other surface imperfections have been removed.
  • Switch to a medium foam cutting pad. Add four more dime-sized drops of product and reapply Hybrid Solutions Pro Compound to each exterior panel to polish your car’s flawless finish, buffing it to a glossy, wet-look shine.


  • Check product compatibility by testing on a small area first. Always try the least aggressive pad in order to deliver your desired results.

Size: 16 oz

Part No: 53478

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