Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Matt Finish - Spray (500 ml)

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Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Matt Finish - Spray (500 ml)

This car interior spray is perfect for those areas of your car that you want to clean and protect without the added shine of traditional detailers. Simply spray and wipe this product onto any washable, plastic surface, such as your flat dashboard, to remove dirt and residues and achieve a clean, matte finish.


  • 3-in-1 cleaner, restorer and air freshener makes interior cleaning quick and easy with simple spray-and-wipe application!
  • Dries to a smooth, matte finish.
  • Leaves behind a dust-repellent layer to make it easier to maintain your car.
  • Light scent delights the senses for a more pleasurable driving experience.


  • Shake well to evenly disperse active ingredients for the best product performance.
  • Test this product by spraying a small, unnoticeable area inside your car to verify that the product is compatible with your interior surfaces.
  • Spray Fresh Shine evenly onto all desired plastic surfaces, holding the can approximately 15 cm away from your car interior.
  • Let the product sit for 30 seconds.
  • Buff surfaces with a clean, microfiber towel, removing any excess product for a rich, matte finish.


  • Once you’ve finished cleaning, this dashboard shine leaves behind an amazing scent to keep your car smelling nice and fresh for the next 8 days!

Scent: Citrus

Size: 500 ml

Part No: 52815

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