Sidex High Foaming Car Shampoo

Size: 250 ml
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Sidex High Foaming Car Shampoo

High Foaming Car Shampoo is a PH-neutral Car Shampoo.


  • Keep the car free of dulling film and contaminants.
  • Sidex High Foaming Car Shampoo is designed to remove stubborn grime and dirt.
  • Sidex - High Foaming Car shampoo is a biodegradable formula.
  • It safely lifts dirt and grime without affecting the washed surface or the environment.
  • Sidex Car Shampoo protects your car paint due to balanced PH.
  • It is the perfect car cleaner shampoo with a well-maintained finish.


  • Pour a small amount (about 1 ounce per gallon) of Sidex High Foaming Car Shampoo into a bucket.
  • Add water with hose pressure.
  • Hose off the vehicle to remove loose dirt.
  • Shampoo the vehicle with a clean sponge or wash mitt.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a moderate stream of water from a hose.
  • Dry with a soft, clean microfiber or terry cloth towel.


  • Keep away from sunlight and heat.
  • If ingested seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of direct contact with eyes, wash frequently with fresh water and contact a nearby physician or doctor.

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