Rupes DA Coarse High-Performance Cut Compound (1 L)

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Rupes DA Coarse High Performance Cut Compound (1 L)

Rupes DA Coarse is the latest high-performance compound from Rupes designed for maximum efficiency. This fast-cutting compound is ideal for users who want quick defect removal and a smooth user experience on every type of paint. DA Coarse represents a significant advancement in the world of cutting compound performance and finishes with excellent clarity, low dusting, and easy wipe-off.


  • High-performance cutting compound.
  • Sanding mark and severe defect removal.
  • Recommended for random orbital or gear-driven polishers.
  • A low dusting formula reduces post-compound cleanup work.
  • One-step moderate-to-severe defect removal and finishing on most paints.
  • Durable lubrication system for an extended polishing cycle and longer working time.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Select pad type based on the desired level of defect removal and paint hardness.
  • Prime pad by applying the DA Coarse to the face of the pad.
  • Work the product in section 6x the size of the polishing pad being used applying light to moderate pressure.
  • Wipe away residue with a clean, soft microfiber cloth and inspect the surface for results.

Size: 1 L

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