Meguiar's Swirl & Scratch Remover Polish - EU (450 ml)

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Meguiar's Swirl & Scratch Remover Polish - EU (450 ml)

One of the most common problems of the ambitious car enthusiast is the finest paint damage, which can also occur during hand washing. We then developed Swirl Remover to easily remove swirl scratches and fine scratches from all paint surfaces. Swirl Remover is user-friendly and safe on all clear coats and can be applied either by hand or with a DA polishing machine. The product leaves a brilliant, scratch-free surface.


  • Mild, particularly paint-friendly formulation.
  • Ideal for fine scratches.
  • Fast and gentle restoration of crystal clear reflections on clear coats.
  • It can be processed by hand or with an eccentric polishing machine.

Size: 450 ml

Part No: G17616EU

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