Meguiar's Mirror Bright Vinyl & Rubber Treatment - EU (14 oz)

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Meguiar's Mirror Bright Vinyl & Rubber Treatment - EU (14 oz)

Quality formula for cleaning & restoring interior, exterior and under-the-hood detailing.


  • Versatile for multiple surfaces including tires, dashboards and trim, wheel wells and even dressing up your engine.
  • Cleans, restores and protects effectively in one easy step.
  • Restores original look and shine with a dark rich finish looks even better than new.
  • Provides durable UV protection to screen out the sun’s UV rays.


  • Shake well. 
  • Apply to a cool surface.
  • Spray directly onto a towel or applicator pad and apply evenly to avoid streaking.
  • Wipe off excess as needed.
  • Keep off clear plastic.
  • Avoid overspray on concrete or blacktop.
  • Not for use on surfaces where a slick or glossy finish is not desirable.


  • Do not apply to tire tread, motorcycle or bicycle seats and pedals.

Size: 14 oz

Part No: MB0714EU

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