Flamingo Tire Foam (650 ml)

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Flamingo Tire Foam (650 ml)

One-step tire care, Just spray on and watch, no wiping, no mess. The easy way to clean, shine and protect your tires. Dissolves dirt and grime, restores lustre, leaves a rich satin finish, and penetrates and bonds to the surface to protect against cracking and discolouration.


  • Shake well before using.
  • Spray evenly on the sidewall 6 inches away in one circular motion.


  • No wiping, no buffing.
  • Can be applied to wet or dry tires. For best results, first wash off excessive dirt. Clean extra dirty whitewalls with a Degreaser Cleaner.
  • Safe for all wheel surfaces.


  • Do not spray on brake rotors, drums, floors, or cycle tires.


  • Excess residue from tires should be rinsed from driveways and other surfaces to avoid sporting.

Size: 650 ml

Part No: F003


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