3M Hookit Backup Pad

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3M Hookit Backup Pad

3M hookit backup pad is available in soft, medium, and hard foam densities for support during jobs from paint removal to fine finishing. Center-hole pads feature flat rigid centers and softer edges, providing added control. Our 6- and 7-in. pads feature several hole patterns to promote dust extraction. Our hookit™ attachment system makes changing discs fast and easy.

 A backup pad for faster, easier, better sanding is designed for use with 3M™ hookit™ abrasive discs, our 3M™ hookit™ backup pad is built for added support, control, and speed during automotive sanding jobs from paint removal to polishing. These 6” and 7” pads are available with soft, medium, and hard density foam for various applications from paint stripping to polishing. Each center-hole pad features a flat, rigid center for support and softer, tapered edges for added control. Seven-hole or 15-hole patterns are built to improve dust extraction, reduce loading and increase abrasive life. Disc pads are available with 5/8-11 interior threads to fit a variety of low-speed (maximum 3000 RPM) power polishing and sanding tools.

About our hookit™ attachment system for faster change-outs hookit™, the attachment system has a hook-and-loop feature that makes disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment clean and easy. It also facilitates the use and re-use of the disc for maximum product life. hookit™ sheets have a brushed nylon loop backing of the type most commonly used in everyday hook-and-loop applications. A range of hookit™ disc backup pads features hooks that grip the brushed nylon loop backing. It’s simple: just attach the disc and start sanding. The disc removes just as cleanly and efficiently. The hookit™ system is designed for workspaces and applications where adhesive-backed abrasives may become contaminated by dust, dirt, or debris. Visit the official brand website for more information.

3M Hookit Backup Pad Price in Pakistan


Paint finishing & detailing
Attachment type
Case quantity
1 boxes per case
Depth (metric)
19.05 mm
7 Inch
Diameter (metric)
17.78 cm
Number per Inner
1 Sheets per sleeve
Performance level
Product form
Buffing pad, kit
Thread size
5/8 Inch-11


  • Foam construction adds support for jobs ranging from paint removal to fine polishing
  • Soft tapered edge helps improve control
  • The range of pads includes soft, standard, and hard densities
  • Available with 5/8-11 interior threads to fit low-speed polishers and sanders for versatility
  • Hole patterns provide an escape route for dust, improve dust extraction
  • 3M™ hookit™ attachment system provides easy disc changes and optimizes disc life.
  • Part # 05717 (1 pcs) (for 8” & 9” foam pad)

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