Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Speed Glaze (1 Gallon)

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Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Speed Glaze (1 Gallon)

Removes light to moderate paint defects, while restoring "new" paint shine.


  • Light Cut: 4/10
  • Swirl remover with breathable paint protectant.
  • Removes light to moderate swirls, oxidation & paint defects.
  • Restores a glistening “new paint” shine.
  • Easy, low dusting wipe-off.
  • BSS (Body Shop Safe).
  • Method Of Application: Hand or DA Polisher or Rotary Buffer.


  • Shake well. 
  • Always work on a cool surface, one section at a time.
  • When working on an uncured paint finish, apply the product directly to the buffing pad (WRFF7) and proceed to buff.
  • Work the product until nearly dry.
  • Then wipe off excess with a clean, dry Meguiar’s wipe or towel (X2010EU or E101).
  • Great to use on adjacent panels of a spot repair or entire vehicle to improve the overall appearance.
  • For a swirl-free finish, use as a final step DA glaze or hand glaze.

Size: 1 Gallon

Part No: M8001

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