Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction Compound

Size: 16 oz
Sale priceRs.7,800.00
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Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction Compound

Meguiar’s® DA Microfiber Correction Compound – D300 utilizes super-micro abrasive technology to quickly remove scratches, acid rain, swirls, holograms and other light to moderate defects on factory paint. Designed for use with Meguiar’s® DA Microfiber Cutting Disc delivering no sling, low dusting performance for minimal prep and clean-up time.


  • Super-micro abrasive Technology (SMAT) quickly removes moderate defects.
  • Formulated to remove light to moderate flaws while creating a high gloss.
  • No sling and low dusting formula for minimal prep and clean up.
  • No swirl formula.
  • Rich concentrated formula delivers lower cost per car.
  • A less aggressive alternative to a rotary buffer for removing moderate defects in OEM paint.
  • Ideal results are achieved when used with Meguiar's® MT300 Dual Action Polisher and Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Cutting Disc -DMC3, DMC5, DMC6 or Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Xtra Cutting Disc - DMX5, DMX6.

Part No: D30016 (16 oz) | D30001 (1 Gallon)

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