KochChemie P1.02 Lack Polish Rosa (1 L)

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KochChemie P1.02 Lack Polish Rosa (1 L)


  • Lack-Polish rosa is ideally suited for all types of paint. 
  • Lack-Polish rosa maintains and refines new, as new and slightly weathered paintwork. 
  • Lack-Polish rosa creates an optimum, streak-free mirror finish both mechanically and manually. 
  • The high-quality care components preserve the finish therefore lasting for months with an extremely deep gloss finish. 


  • Apply the polish with a medium-hard yellow machine polishing pad or a soft white or soft honey-coloured polishing pad and polish off almost completely using a rotary polisher at a medium speed. 
  • For finishing use an orbital polisher with a black finishing pad. Also suitable for manual treatment.

Size: 1 L

Part No: 401

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