KochChemie Ls Leather Star - Leather Conditioner (1 L)

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KochChemie Ls Leather Star - Leather Conditioner (1 L)

KochChemie Ls Leather Star is one of the best leather care products in the industry, that makes your leather look like new.


  • Premium leather care with a natural semi-gloss finish. 
  • For revitalising and preserving smooth leather, suede and perforated leather materials on vehicle seats, sofas, etc. 
  • The use of premium active ingredients from cosmetics makes the leather supple and provides prolonged protection against new dirt and becoming brittle.
  • Leather Star is easy to use and creates a pleasant fragrance, a colour-intensifying appearance and a supple and soft feel, without causing undesirable slipperiness. 


  • Clean the dirt first with a suitable cleaner (e.g. Pol Star), wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. 
  • Shake Leather Star before use, apply evenly and extensively to the leather surfaces with a sponge or soft microfibre cloth and leave to dry. 
  • Remove any excess with a soft cloth.

Size: 1 L

Part No: 238001

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