KochChemie Microfiber Car Cloth 4 Pcs Set

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KochChemie Microfiber Car Cloth 4 Pcs Set

KochChemie microfiber car cloth is the perfect cloth for streak-free cleaning and drying of glass. The unique weave guarantees excellent dirt-loosening ability and streak-free drying. The 320g/m² heavy towel with its strong over-locked edge is very durable and allows repeated washing. In combination with glass star (gs) also ideal for removing wax residues and greases. 2 blue and 2 grey towels (e.g. for wet-cleaning and drying).

Koch Chemie Microfiber Car Cloth 4 Pcs Set Price in Pakistan

Microfiber cloth, ideal for washing and drying glass and mirror surfaces. Unique technology ensures the effective removal of contamination without leaving streaks. A napkin with a density of 320g / m2 with a tight edging along the edge provides a longer service life and even after repeated washing retains its properties.

Does not scratch the surface of the body and finish due to the special structure of the fabric. It has proved itself to be universally applicable. Work performed with this towel: drying the body, wiping glass, wiping the interior trim. The set is divided into two colors, which will help to “tie” the color to the type of work. Heavily soiled towels can be washed in a washing machine without softeners with ordinary powder at temperatures up to + 95 ° c.

  • Size: 60x40 cm
  • Set: 4 pcs
  • Koch-chemie barracuda cloth
  • 60X40CM 999323.

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