3M Low Lint Double Sided Car Wool Compounding Pad 9IN

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3M Low Lint Double Sided Car Wool Compounding Pad 9IN

3M low lint double sided car wool compounding pad 9in aggressively removes p1200 or finer sand scratches from the clear coat and leaves a finer finish than most 100% wool pads without the linting mess. Our high-performance wool pad is crucial in step 1 of the perfect-it™ paint finishing system to produce showroom-grade finishes with deep color and rich gloss of 100% wool. Visit the official brand website for more information.

3M Low Lint Double Sided Car Wool Compounding Pad 9IN
  • Low-linting 100% wool pad cuts fast without the mess
  • Faster-cutting wool removes scratches and defects more quickly than foam
  • Wool glides across the paint without jumping, leaving a fine finish
  • Double-sided design lasts longer
  • Unique quick connect design makes attachment to polisher fast, and simple.
  • 100% wool for the most aggressive scratch removal applications caption pulled from long copy.
3M™ Perfect-It™ for Today's Harder Clear Coats:
Developed to keep pace with evolving paint and clear coat technologies, choose the perfect-it™ paint finishing system when the finest finish is required for every level of clear coat and paint repair. An integral part of that system, we designed the 3M™ perfect-it™ low-linting wool compounding pad with 100% wool for your most aggressive scratch removal applications. 

Fast and Furious:
Today's wool pads have evolved as well. They maintain the aggression, but shed the cloud of lint that many associates with wool pads. Wool pads have undeniable advantages, especially on today's much harder and more scratch-resistant clear coat. Wool not only cuts faster than foam, but it stays cooler by creating less friction and dissipating heat through the wool fibers, making it preferable for heat-sensitive areas of a car, boat, or plane, such as spoilers and bumpers. 
Wool pads also cut down on the bumping that is typical of foam pads, meaning the operator gains a smoother and more controlled application. Wool glides easily over panels, whether flat or contoured. While it may load with the product more quickly than foam, spurring the wool fibers restores performance. Hold the pad flat against the part for a more even application and to reduce slinging. 

Quick Connect Design:
This pad has a unique quick-connect design. It's easy to attach or remove pads to polishers, and they perfectly center each pad every time. The performance and convenience benefits of these pads set them apart from all pads on the market.
With the adapter's sliding ring, you can easily attach or a pad in seconds. But when the locking system is engaged, the adapter provides a reliable connection between the pad and polisher to ensure a secure and stable connection. 
9 Inch
100% Wool
Product Form
Rate of Cut

3M low lint double sided car wool compounding pad 9in price in Pakistan. For more microfiber cloth products please visit our category page.

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